21 Ways to Live a More Conscious Life

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What do I know about consciousness?

Well, one way to discover the light is to live in darkness.

I lived in darkness for a good portion of my life”“believing that everything my family and society told me was true.

I chose a career based on what pays.

I chose a relationship based partly on culture and traditions.

I chose a job based on how prestigious it was.

I bought a house based on society telling me to do so.

Then each of these things began to crumble, and I began to question if all the things I had been told were true.

Maybe no one really knows what’s best for us?

What may have worked for one person, for one family or even a generation of people may not be what’s right for us.

Instead of doing whatever it was that society told me was right or going with the crowd, I started observing each and every part of my life.

Consciousness, for me, was making my own decisions in life, based on my experiences and my truth, listening less to the chatter and the crowds.

I’d like to share with you some ways that you too can start living a conscious life.

1. Ask yourself what you want.

How often do you NOT take a stand? NOT have a preference?

Don’t know where you want to go out to eat? Not sure what you want off the menu?

Not have an opinion? Not know which policy or politician you want representing you?

How about asking yourself what you truly want? What is your say? What are you hungry for?

It’s ok to have an opinion and a preference. You will not be judged for it.

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