30 Simple Steps to Simple Living in 30 Days

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So see this list as a way to shed the unnecessary. Imagine precious gems sitting at the bottom of a pile of crystals. Common and identical in appearance, when you first start out these crystals may look exactly the same as the precious gems.

Your job is to closely analyze your life as a whole and sift through it all to find what’s most important to you. If it is (or supports in some way) what’s most important to you then it has use. If it doesn’t, the likelihood is it can be gotten rid of. This isn’t always going to be easy, but using this benchmark makes the process as simple as can be.

If this is difficult to do for now, you can always do things in reverse: jump into this list and see it as a way to gradually remove distraction after distraction to get to the heart of your life and what matters most to you.

How to Simplify Your Life from Start to Finish in 30 Days

When deciding how to simplify your life, several categories can come to mind. So to make this article as easy to use as possible I’ve decided to organize the points based on these categories: food, money, entertainment and technology, mental, goals/work, possessions, other for single points with no others like it, and a beginning and an end point made to start you off in the right direction and end the process in the best way possible. You can choose to tackle these by category or mix it up, whatever works best for you.


1. Put things in perspective: It can be really hard to see the value in doing just about anything when your problems are overwhelming you. During such times, your problems are bigger than the world itself.

Put things in perspective in order to reduce the chaos in your mind and clarify your vision. If you don’t take a moment to put your life, most notably your problems, in perspective then you’ll have a difficult time navigating many of the other 29 days.

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