30 Simple Steps to Simple Living in 30 Days

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2. Start asking questions: Do I need this? Do I have to do this? Is this necessary? Is this worth my time? What’s more important? Where is my time best spent? What do I really want to spend the majority of my time doing? Questions are powerful forces for positive change.

By learning how to utilize questions in difficult moments you can bring clarity to a confusing and complicated situation. It’s useful to use questions such as these throughout the rest of the points on this list to find clarity.


3. Make a recipe list: List out every single thing you know how to make (as well as every place you typically buy food from). Once you’re done, list out the ingredients needed to make the dishes and the amount of each ingredient per serving (based on what you, and possibly your family, usually eat).

You can use this time to also make adjustments to your diet if you want by looking up some new recipes, but if you do that, I’d suggest only adding 1-2 new recipes to your list at a time (and/or removing 1-2 unhealthy recipes).

4. Set up a meal plan: Take your recipe list and make a meal plan sheet in Microsoft Excel, Word, or whatever you prefer to use. The point of this is to take a sheet out at the beginning of each week and plan out each of your meals with your recipe list.

As an added bonus, you can make larger quantities of something and eat it two to three times. That way you cut down on one to two cooking sessions that week. Doing this will save you a lot of time and headache.

Once you have your list, go to the store at the beginning of that week and buy everything at once. This can often cut down on store trips during the week.

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