Get Motivated with These 10 Simple Living Websites

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I love this site and I use it almost every single morning. It helps me clear my head and do the internal/mindset work that keeps me from using shopping (or eating, drinking, drugs… etc.) to make me feel better when my heart is blue or my mind is confused. I love to journal, get ideas, dream, and even track my daily word count here.

4. The Minimalists

The Minimalists, (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus) may have been my very first introduction to the online minimalism community. Through them, I realized that there were lots of people like me, who just weren’t buying into the whole, well, buying thing.  At least not the consuming-as-a-lifestyle thing.  I love how they manage to fit both of their (very different) personalities into their blog posts. podcasts, books, and tv show. Uniquely, they tend to get a bit more philosophical and spiritual about decluttering than other simplicity/minimalist bloggers.

5.  Miss Minimalist

Author and blogger Francine Jay is a celebrity in the world of minimalist living. She has sold over 150,000 books and been featured on CNN, BBC, and NBC.  To me, she stands out in the sea of minimalists online because she cares about fashion and beautiful design. I love her “Real Life Minimalist” series where she profiles her readers in their own words.

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