Get Motivated with These 10 Simple Living Websites

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6.  Pinterest

I chuckle at myself when I realize why Pinterest helps me live simply. It’s because in Pinterest Fantasy World, I can have anything I want. One of the cornerstones of living with less stuff is halting all shopping-as-entertainment. Every item I buy is carefully considered, with few whim purchases.  Before Pinterest, I missed the visually enticing experience of shopping. But now? Why go shopping in the real world, when you can have it instantly on Pinterest without leaving the comfort of your home? Instead of buying, just pin it.

7. A Slob Comes Clean

Dana White takes a very playful approach to sharing about cleaning, organizing, and decluttering on her blog and podcast. She’s the author of two books, including her most recent book Decluttering at the Speed of Life. “Looking for perfection?” she writes. “You won’t find it here.” Instead you’ll find reality-based cleaning and organizing strategies.

8. Zero Waste Home

And now for something a little different! Bea Johnson is a celebrated author, speaker, and lifestyle expert. She and her family of four have reduced their annual waste down to what can fit in a small jar. While simple living can be said to encompass zero waste living, I’m very, very far from a zero waste life. However, I find the possibilities inspiring. We can all learn how to move, bit-by-bit, in a zero waste direction.

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